..We are interweaving indigenous recipes into contemporary culinary art..

Under the auspices of intact nature and forests, we are dedicated to policy of using locally   produced ingredients that we are adding to indigenous and almost forgotten recipes of our grandmas. We connect these recipes with herbal theme and with a pinch of contemporary creativity of our top culinary team, led by our chef Robert Gregorčič, preparing you healthy and “nature-full” meal.

Our guests’ taste buds are spoiled with plates, inspired by modern and local herbal thematic food, which is added a part of Dolenjska region touch and best contemporary gastronomic techniques. Special attention is dedicated to our selection of ingredients; our guests can even pick herbs for their food by their own. Oštarija is a place of beauty, pleasantness and heart. We offer numerous adventures – and they start with our initial activity – with good meal and various local vine selection.